So much talent in one man.

Businessman • Steve used to manage a wildly successful swing set company in Westport, Connecticut. • Before that he ran his family business designing and installing HVAC systems. • September 2001 he sold his family business in order to pursue his true calling. • 1991 Graduated College with a degree in Business Science.

Techie • Has directed “Called and/or “Switched” many live pro video shoots for many years. Too many to list. • Has been a cameraman on several pro shoots over the years. See video section. • Installing, Troubleshooting and Testing any Audio Visual system are second nature to Steven. • Was the Backstage Manager at The Gathering of The Vibes, 2009 • Used to set up remote broadcasts for WEBE 108 in Bridgeport, CT • Produced talk shows for WICC 600 in Bridgeport, CT • Wires Public Address sound systems in his sleep. • Did sound & lights for more stage acts than he can count • Did production work for several local cable public access TV shows. • Designed countless websites and computer networks.

Arts Promoter • Steve sat for 9 years (jumped, ran, and bounced, too) on the Board of Directors for The Sono Arts Celebration. • Booked talent for said festival. People love working with him. Read about that in references.

Radio Guy • Early in his radio career he went by the name Luther. • 05/06/07 was his first time on radio. Sirius, Faction 28. An omen. • June 2007 gave his first celebrity interview: Lee Mroszak (Cabbie). • July 2007 Graduated from The Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Personal • Born in Stamford and raised in Norwalk, CT. • He has an insatiable lust for the performing arts. • Sucks at playing guitar yet continues to do so. Loudly. • Is married to the beautiful Elizabeth, the woman of his dreams. • His son loves Blues Clues and anything with a wheel on it. • Has a cute niece that calls him “Uncle Uht-oh!” • Smoked since he was eleven years old. Quit in December 2006.